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Review: The Lipstick Laws - Amy Holder

One of my most favourite things about Netgalley is the access to all new pre-releases of Teen/ YA fiction and this one is one that all females will have to put on their too-be-read list. Review copy is provided if you didn't get it already from Netgalley www.netgalley.com

The Lipstick Laws

Review : The Lipstick Laws - Amy Holder - April 2011

One of my favourite genres for teens is what they call Pink Lit - this is basically Chick Lit for The younger audience and The Lipstick Laws definitely falls into that category.
When April's best friend moves away it's like Dorothy going to Oz , far far away and for April it's the worst thing ever as she is about to enter her senior year and to make matters worse, her older brother due to the way the school runs is in her homeroom class.
However, April's life is about to change and she is about to go from April Who ? to OMG it's April Bowers as by chance she is paired up in Gym class with none other than the Queen Bee Brittany Taylor. We all know what a Queen bee likes best to do , take on a servant and make her a charity case - her project , her mini-me - though in this case we see Brittany call April her jumbo-me - a criticism at April's weight compared to Brittany's.
Soon April is caught up in the world of popularity, boys and in this case one in particular - new student Matthew Brentwood. But soon, April will discover that being popular isn't all it is cracked up to be and that being friends with the Queen Bee comes always with a price tag attached.
Will April Bowers become a servant bee and bow to her Queen or will she pull a *Jenny Humphrey  and rebel against her Queen Bee Brittany .
Find out in The Lipstick Laws which seemed to fall into Traditions of films such as Mean Girls, Picture This , The Clique with a taste of Bratz, Clueless and Saved.
Ideal for Girls aged 16 +

Note *The Jenny Humphrey refers to Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl when all she wanted to do was follow and be popular under Queen Bee Blair Waldorf's reign until she saw it wasn't worth it and rebelled against the school heirachy kingdom in Season One and then of course we saw her become Queen Jenny in Season Three .

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