Thursday, March 3, 2011

VBT# Review: Blue - Lou Aronica

As a little girl or boy even , did you ever create a fantasy world of your own ? Where wonderful and amazing things happened ? If so , then continue reading as I review for you on behalf of the Pump Up Your Books VBT "Blue - Lou Aronica".


Review : Blue - Lou Aronica - January 2011

The first words of this novel as a note to the reader , reads : Do not begin this novel unless you are prepared to be moved, willing to open your heart, and available to the possibility that life can bring you magic.
And that's exactly what happened when you read Blue by Lou Aronica, this story centers around three main characters - a father and his daughter and a fictional character - the Queen of the world that they have built together.  Father Chris Astor has hit his forties and for him it seems like this may be the start of a mid-life crisis as he is about to face what may just be the toughest time for him in his life , his daughter Becky is your average fourteen year old girl - she is just like any girl who in order to become a better her , she overcame enormous tragedies and triumphed over any obstacles that stood in her way transforming her from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. The third character which in a way is but isn't a significant character is Miea - she is the fictional queen in the world that Chris and Becky created together. Now this is where the novel turns to a fantasy aspect and starts to recreate what I consider an Inkheart Moment ,where the fantasy world starts to take on a life of it's own - it's Alice in Wonderland meets Inkheart.  If Miea can't get Becky and Chris back to playing their game, the future of her own land may clash with reality and end up in jeopardy.
Together , the trio must band together to uncover and reveal a secret , one that will uncover the reason why the fictional world and their everyday reality have meet. It is a secret so important that once they discover it , it will not only redefine who they are as humans but also help them to discover their purpose why they are on this earth.
A Novel of trials ,triumphs and most importantly - a novel of self-discovery and reflection with of course a hint of fantasy and parellel universes.

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  1. The review of Lou Aronica's Blue, with its mention of an imaginary character, reminds me of something I read about Rousseau, that he once spent the summer with a couple he had imagined. At least that is how I recall it. It sounds as if Lou has used the concept to good effect. My own novel, Adventures in Nowhere is about a boy who goes through a period during which he is not sure what is real and what is not. check out Adventures in Nowhere's fan page for more information on it. You might win a free book:



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