Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Bundling Idea : Book Bundles in the Teen/YA Section

A Bundling Idea:

By Paula Phillips – The Phantom Paragrapher

It’s that time of month again, it’s Literary Musing Time and this month I’ve decided to share with you some insider information of what I’ve been doing in our teen department at the library I work at in New Zealand.

By day, I work as a Children’s and Teen’s Librarian at Greerton Library and It is my job to come up with fresh ideas to get teen’s into the library and for the teen collection to keep on movin’ around. While reading a few months back , the VOYA ( Voice of Young Adults) Literature magazine, it had an article about an American Library and a idea that they had created in order to get books in their teen section moving around and help teens discover those forgotten authors and not just stick to ones like Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins. It was also a chance to remind teens that there are other books besides Vampire and Werewolf novels – though not that I am not a huge fan of them myself.


What is a Book Bundle?

It is a group of three books bundled together with twine and I have used a coloured tag to identify the books in the bundles. I bundled the books together in threes as I figured that more than three books, teens might not take and I was successful as plenty of the bundles are going out fast , it’s like a Lucky Dip Version of Library Books.

Some Book Bundle Topics:

Depending on what your library carries a lot of can depend on the different titles that you use to put the bundles together, here is a list of some of my bundle categories I used.

Bare Bones – Non-Fiction stories about Eating Disorders

New Zealand Fiction #1 and #2

Adventure Fiction – Hanging on the Edge

New Books #1-#2 #3 etc

I vant to suck thy vlood – A Collection of Vampire Tales

I’m losing my mind – Books about Mental Illnesses

Oh no, I started a Cult – Books about Cults or New worlds

Living in a Dystopian World – Dystopia Novels

Vampires, Werewolves and Demons , Oh My

Sensationally Supernaturally Sexy

The 3’F’s – Fun, Fashion and Faeries

Girlfriend Fiction – 3 Books in the Girlfriend Magazine Fiction Series

TCF – Teen Christian Fiction

Boyfriend Problems

Upper East Side – Contained Gossip Girl, IT Girl and Private Novel

Life on the Edge – Adventure Novels

Zombie Apocalypse.

Bond. Jane Bond. – Collection of Spy Girl type Books.

Have you got any ideas on how to bring teens to the library? Any awesome Ideas? Come Join till Next Month on The Phantom Paragrapher.

Signing Off till April, I am The Phantom Paragrapher.


  1. What an awesome idea! I should pass this along to our Teen Librarian. :) Right now, we have a Teen Group, but I'm not sure what all they do. This would be a great way to get the lesser-known books moving. Thanks for the idea!

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