Friday, March 11, 2011

Review : In Every Heartbeat - Kim Vogel Sawyer

Today's book review is a historical christian novel that in some ways could have been viewed as a contemporary and modern day novel.

In Every Heartbeat

Review : In Every Heartbeat - Kim Vogel Sawyer - September 2010

Reading Kim Vogel Sawyer's latest book , I wasn't too sure what to expect , all I knew was that due to enjoying her previous books , I was going to enjoy this one and boy did I ever . This would have to be one of my favourite books besides the Katy series by Kim Vogel Sawyer. The story though set just before World War One , it had a contemporary feel to it so that in some places it didn't even feel like you were reading a historical novel of sorts whereas it brought you back to the historical setting in other areas from the incident where a 16yr old boy was sentenced to be hanged and of course the preparation for the War which was about to happen. In Every Heartbeat it tells the story of three orphans of sorts who grew up in an orphanage together , all three have been enrolled into college and their lives are set to change. We have Libby - who wants to become a journalist but soon discovers that the only way for a woman to get her name in print is to write trashy romance short stories for local magazines, Petey who with his wooden leg was abandoned as a boy by his family and has dreams of becoming a Preacher - this novel sees Petey reunited in not nessecarily a good way with his family and Bennett - who wants to become an Engineer and for him joining a college fratenity and joining the army are on his list of priorities. When an incident occurs and separates the three with their different viewpoints , is this the end of their friendship for good or will a tragedy bring them back together and closer than ever.
Find out in  this awesome novel by Kim Vogel Sawyer and one I recommend all to read.

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