Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review: A Wicked Wolf - Brenda Williamson - R18 Read

Wanting a Werewolf novel that will set your sexual instincts a-raging ? Courtesy of Netgalley and Red Sage Publishing , I bring today for you - A Werewolf Erotic Read .

A Wicked Wolf

Review: A Wicked Wolf - Brenda Williamson - November 2010

Readers , when you go down to the woods today, be careful not to get your car stuck unless you would love to meet a Werewolf , though if the wolf is anything like lead Character Nick Wolfe, then I wouldn't mind meeting him - a hot Alpha Male Wolf oozing with hot, yummy sex appeal.
When Randi, a journalist is sent to interview the reclusive Mr. Wolfe , she is not that happy about it and sits off to her destination,as her view of Mr. Wolfe is that he is an old crusty Reclusive and when her car gets stuck in the mud, not to mention it's pouring down with rain, Randi starts to wonder if the interview is worth all this trouble. Alone in the woods , Randi meets Mr. Wolfe , however she does not realise it is him. Soon begins as we can all expect in an erotic fiction novel - a raging and passionate sexual encounter between Randi and Mr. Wolfe and as their feelings become closer for each other. What happens when Mr.Wolfe identifies himself to Randi, will she be angry believing he has decited her or will her passion and love for him be too strong to ward her off and what will be her reaction to him being a Lycan/ werewolf ? Is this enough to push her over the edge or will it bring them closer and will she accept the fate and passionate nights of living with a Werewolf and a rich one also.

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  1. Good golly, Miss Molly, I do believe this book will give a body the vapors! ;) It sounds like quite a steamy read, and I'll definitely add it to the TBR list. Thank you for the review and recommend!


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