Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review: It Happened One Summer - Polly Williams

It's Summertime in England with Polly Williams's new chick-lit hit "It Happened one Summer". As readers are about to discover , summer is such a long time and trust me after reading this book, you too will agree that a lot can happen in the summer. Review Copy provided by Hachette NZ.

It Happened One Summer

Review: It Happened One Summer - Polly Williams - March 2011

After an accidental matchmaking incident one summer Nell is estranged from her family after her boyfriend Jeremy at the time ditched her for her sister five years ago. Nell is about to venture on a summer that will change her and others lives forever. Fast forward five years to the summer , Nell is now a single mother with a four year old daughter and out of work as with the recession she has been made redundant  -so when she is invited to their family home, she takes the chance reluctantly might I add. However, she is about to discover that she wasn't the only one invited and her mother has an ulterior motive. Nell's ex-boyfriend Jeremy and sister Heather are about to get married and Nell's mother Valerie hasn't got long to live. It Happened One Summer is a novel of family ties, enstranglement and secrets hidden in dark closets as skeletons in the form of an older half-sister pop out of the closet as well as an interesting spin on love as a few nights into the trip Jeremy just starts to wonder whether or not he chose the right sister after all.

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