Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: A Bedtime Kiss for Chester Raccoon - Audrey Penn

Is your child a fan of animals and do they love kisses and hugs from their mummies and daddies , I betcha they do ?

Review : A Bedtime Kiss  for Chester Raccoon - Audrey Penn - August 2011

One awesome thing about being a Children's librarian and a book reviewer , is that I have a high appreciation for Children's books and Netgalley has just signed up with Tanglewood Publishers to offer an awesome variety of Children's Picture Books / Board Books for Toddlers and Preschool Ages. Being an American author and set in America where Raccoons are a familar creature will go down well, but in New Zealand we don't have Raccoons lying around in our country.
Though that aside this book was adorable , it is about Baby Chester Raccoon who is afraid to sleep during the day it seems as the sun is shining through and not the moon. The sun's rays as we read along are giving him day-mares -the day equivalent to nightmares . At the end of the story we see Chester recieving a bedtime kiss from his Mummy Raccoon which makes him feel better and stops his day-mares from occuring.
Again this book is only 32pgs long and would make a wonderful addition to your Preschool or Babies Bookshelves and remember Mummies and Daddies, give your child lots of Kisses as come on - who doesn't like kisses now and again.

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