Monday, January 2, 2017

Review: Trillionaire Boys' Club: The Connector - Aubrey Parker

Trillionaire Boys' Club: The Connector

Review: Trillionaire Boys' Club : The Connector - Book #1 - Aubrey Parker - November 2016

Imagine what you would do if you had access to a Trillion dollars? The power that would come with it? You would be untouchable. Nathan Turner is a connector in the business world. Everything he has ever achieved was by connecting people to people and helping everyone get step-up in the world. He is a favors guy, if you need the right person for the job then for a favor Nathan will hook you up. Nathan started with absolutely nothing and then by connecting others - he became a billionaire. Nathan Turner has an idea; he wants to group together a select few billionaires and form a Syndicate. A Syndicate that will become known as the Trillionaire Boys' Club. He has most of whom he needs except for one Ashton Moran - a loud-mouth clothing mogul who is a publicity whore. With him involved, then this club will reach higher limits and goals. Enter Alex Wynn, she comes from a family of entrepreneurial and wants in with Nathan's world. She knows that she can make a difference and help him achieve his goal. Alex isn't the type to back down from a challenge and Nathan soon realizes she won't be that easy to shake. So what does he do? He trains her and teaches her that with negotiations and power that Alex can use her seductive body and sex to get her way and achieve greatness.
Has Nathan finally met his match? Is Alex the one woman that he can't toss aside? Money, power, and lust rule in the world of The Syndicate. Steamy and fast-paced, this is just the beginning of our journey into this world. I am now looking forward to reading Ashton's story next in the Clothing Mogul and to see the direction that Aubrey takes this series. 


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