Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ashes of Midnight - Lara Adrian

                                                                 Ashes of Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 6)

Review : Ashes of Midnight - Lara Adrian - 2009

Andreas Reichen is back from the dead, and he's out to get vengeance on all those involved in the destroying of his kin at his Darkhaven estate. Going through his list of enforcement agents and getting rid of them one by one, he comes to the guy on the top rung – Wilhelm Roth. Unfortunately unknown to him, attached to Wilhelm Roth is Claire his mate. Andreas and Claire have been in love with each other since the first day they met 30 years ago. Claire has to choose between betraying her mate whom she has been blood bonded too or go with her heart and help save the guy she was always meant to be with. An Vampire novel filled with adrenaline , thrills and intense chemistry as it is a fight between The Good Vampires ( The Order) and the Baddies Roth and Dragos with their breeded Gen One Vampires. As with many adult vampire novels , some parts are pretty steamy.

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