Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Bride of Casa Dracula - Marta Acosta

Review : The Bride of Casa Dracula- Marta Acosta

Since the release of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series, it has opened up a huge niche for Paranormal Romances especially involving Vampires/Vampyres depending which book your reading. For all those who loved Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones Diary and Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire either the books or the films, and then you are sure to enjoy this as I place it as a mix between those two.

I was browsing the library the other day , as I am absolutely in love with books on Vamps and Werewolves , and came across a book just released titled The Bride of Casa Dracula , It is set in the desert of Mexico and stars Latino Author Milagro De Los Santos ( Very Latin-American name) and her fiance Oswald Grant M.D.

As they prepare for their wedding, they come across and face-to-face with a number of obstacles. The first and major one is that Oswald is a Vampire and Milagro in the face of death was saved by a Vampire, has become a hybrid of human and vampire. To top this all off her future in-laws absolutely despise her, her poor companion Daisy has died, her mother Regina can't stand her.

To make matters worse in the prior months of her wedding, Milagro is presented with an invitation to appear in front of the "Vampire Council". In which, they must decide whether or not she is suitable to become a vampire's wife. For Milagro this decision is easier said than done, as she has lived most of her life as a human, and her college friends have arrived and taken the wedding planning into their own hands.

Further on in the book , you start to get the feeling are Oswald and Milagro going to get their happy ending as chaos arises from one thing or another. This book faces obstacles from those awful car-brakes getting cut to old and new flames. As things get worse and worse, the cracks between Oswald and Milagro start to seep and we are left thinking is Milagro paranoid or is somebody out there willing to pull all the stops to make sure she doesn't wed the undead?.

Also featured inside the book , in case you wish to use it as a book club read is a couple of pages filled with discussion questions , a conversation with the author Marta Acosta and a preview to her first book Happy Hour at Casa Dracula.

Christopher Moore acclaimed that this book is "a spicy comedy of manners and fangs". Anyone who loves that down-to-earth attitude with a twist of vampire blood to it .This is a Fang-tastic Read.

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