Saturday, September 18, 2010

By Midnight - Mia James

Are you a fan of the constant realm of Supernatural especially the part that involves mortals and supernatural creatures ?

Review : By Midnight - Book #1 RavenWood Series- Mia James - Sept 2010

Meet April Dunne , daughter of Journalist/Author William Dunne. Her family and her have moved from their lives in Edinburgh to Highgate, London , halfway through the new school year. April has to try and make new friends and start a new school. Unfortunately for April, her new school is anything but awesome and welcoming. 
Welcome to RavenWood, a prestigious academy for the financially and academically gifted students. Here the schoolwork is different , the students are super-rich , pretty and smart and the teachers are odd. Thank goodness for April , she makes a new friend Caro , though as far as normal people come - Caro is a deep conspiracy theorist.
Something however is not right at Ravenwood and in Highgate , when a series of deaths start happening, has an old curse started up again or is something more sinister going on like "The Highgate Vampires".
Read as April soon realises the truth about herself , her friends and her family and that when it comes to core, who can she trust as she finds out her whole life has been a hidden lie ?
This book like many of the newer supernaturals in the tradition of Fallen by Lauren Kate , The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller and a few more ... the Prologue of the story starts off in 1887 and then jumps in Chapter One to the present time.



  1. Hi thanks for stopping by Book Noise. New follower. I too am a librarian by day and a reviewer by night. "By Midnight" sounds great. Adding it to my TBR pile.


  2. @Jennifer - Nice to meet another Librarian/Book Reviewer :)

  3. This is a scary book trailer, and I loved it! I'm adding By Midnight to my wishlist;)


  4. Hello! Thanks so much for hopping by my site! I think By Midnight sounds like a deliciously dark read - the seedy underbelly of Hex Hall. Can't wait to read it!

  5. @cuidadocomodalmata - The trailer reminded me of the Blair Witch Project.

    @Casey - Your right it is like the seedy underbelly of Hex Hall - Stay Tuned as I review Lisi Harrison's latest Monster High.


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