Thursday, September 23, 2010

Raincheck on Timbukutu- Kirsten Murphy

Review : Raincheck on Timbuktu- Kirsten Murphy-2001

"A story about friendship, forgiveness and finding the perfect video"

This teen book is focused on Lucy who at 16 has her life planned out for the next 75 years. Get the perfect job (whatever that maybe) at 21; be engaged at 26, married at 27, the perfect home at 28 and child at 30. But as we all know, life never goes to plan and when Lucy finds everything hard she retreats to her town of Timbuktu unbeknown  to her that it is a real place. This year she is in for a ride of her life as everything is turned upside down from her ex-bff who was demoted to friend who has discovered her biological parents and has a thing for low-life guys, the fact everyone around her has a boyfriend-is she the only one who hasn't been kissed? , a series of badly-dressed teachers , her dad coming back and now her mum dropping a bombshell on the family with effects that could be disastrous and to top it off , the hot guy Nick from next door who has just broken up with his girlfriend and has the hots for Lucy. Can she cope with the change or will it be all too much for her to handle and make her retreat to her perfect world armed with her Video Card?

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