Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tombstone Tea - Joanne Dahme - YA Book

                                                          Tombstone Tea

Wanting a YA/Teen read about Ghosts and Spiritualism ?

Review : Tombstone Tea - Joanne Dahme - 2009

Tombstone Tea by Joanne Dahme is about a freshman named Jessie whom has just been transferred to a new school called Laurel Hill Charter High , which is a new experimental school opening up though being right next door to the cemetery , she has secretly  nicknamed it Laurel Hill Cemetery High. Eager to fit in with the "Blonde's" , she accepts a dare to spend the night at the cemetery. When she arrives at the cemetery , she meets Paul whom is setting up a play called The Tombstone Tea which is where the title of the book originates from. At first, Jessie thinks that they are actors hired , but as the night passes and the week goes by ,she realises that maybe the actors playing the dead are really actually "the dead". A good read in finding out all about Spiritualism , Death and New Friends and if that doesn't inspire you the character Paul sounds like a hottie .

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