Thursday, September 23, 2010

Knotted - Michelle Holman

Review : Knotted -Michelle Holman - 2009

'When Daneka Lawton was awakened at 6.am by her radio clock and Lily Allen singing her song Smile, she was unaware that her personal nemesis had just stepped off a 747 at the Auckland airport.'

Danny Lawton is an ER nurse in the North Shore with funky coloured hair and an attitude to match. After her sister's death from Breast Cancer 6 months ago, Danny is raising her sister's daughter Mia and son Matt on her tight budget, with no family to support her.

Until, out of the blue Danny starts to receive letters from Ross Fabello, the children's dad's brother, wanting to get to know the children and introduce them to the father's family. Worried, that the family will take the children away from her as they are all she has left, she ignores his letters and finally after a series of unfortunate events in ends up at the Hospital where she works.

For both parties, its hate at first sight as both parties doesn't want to give up the children. Desperate to find things out, Ross hires a PI to chase Daneka and Daneka as one does with the Internet now, she Googles him and finds out he is also the famous author RF O'Rourke.

After a series of events and slanging matches including the famous apple throwing incident at the supermarket, they tend to hit it off and together they discover more about each other and in time themselves.

Filled with an interesting culture mix, this book includes New Zealanders Pakeha and Maori as well as Americans, Italians and the Irish. This book is one of those books that once you start reading you won't be able to put down as you will be wanting to know more and once it finishes you'll be highly disappointed because their won't be any more to read

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