Saturday, September 25, 2010

Within My Heart - Tamara Alexander

                                                               Within My Heart (Timber Ridge Reflections, Book 3)

Are you a fan of Historical Christian Fiction ? , Love those tales set in the country and small -towns of America back in the mid-late 1800's?.

Review: Within My Heart - Tamara Alexander - Book #3: Timber Ridge Reflections.

In Book #2 "Beyond this Moment" we saw the arrival of Dr. Molly Whitcomb taking the role of  schoolhouse teacher and then falling in love with the sheriff James MacPherson. Now married and have a little girl , Book #3 Within My Heart is the story of James's sister Rachel Boyd. Widowed after a hunting accident , Rachel was left to raise her two boys Kurt and Mitchell and the ranch of her own . We read as several of the townspeople have their own problems going from Ben Mullins with his heat attack which is the first monumental moment of bringing Rachel and the Doctor - Not Molly of course but Dr. Rand Brookston , the new and local physician He is looking for a bride, somebody to share his life with and his eyes are set on Rachel however she is still in a process of healing from her husbands death as even in literature and life , a knock like that can take ages maybe even years to heal. The second moment is when Rachel's cow is having a baby and it gets stuck , so Rand helps out and the third is when Rachel's boys go missing. But is all these moments enough to break and pull Rachel's guard down and what about the secret admirer Rand has following him. Who will Rand choose Rachel -the girl of his dreams or will he take second best with his admirer.
One thing that I really liked with this book is that they bought in Characters from the previous novels and weaved them in and out of the story quite nicely.

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