Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glee : The Beginning .......... A Novel

                                                              Glee: The Beginning: An Original Novel (Glee Original Novels)

Are you ready to get your Glee-k on with hit TV show Glee , head on down to your local bookshop or head on to Amazon and pick up your copy today.

Review : Glee - The Beginning - An Original Novel - 2010

Are you addicted to the singing sensation show that is Glee , feel like you know all the characters inside out from Mr Schuester to Rachel to Artie/Tina and Kurt/Mercedes and then you have the Cheerios's captain Sue Silvester and her trio of Cheerio cheerleaders Quinn, Brittany and Santana and then onto the Football field you have stars Puck and Finn.
Ever wondered what they were like before they all signed up to sing in Glee Club. Find out in Glee: The Beginning. In this amazing prequel we find out what Mr Schuester was teaching before Glee , when the Glee consisted of only four members - Tina, Artie , Mercedes and Kurt , how Rachel was inducted into the Glee club , when Rachel and Kurt both fell in love -head over heels for Finn and the true story of how Puck got Quinn pregnant and Finn not knowing about,
Break out Rachel's gold star awards and refill those delicious and stainable berry slushies as it's time to find out what happened with all your Glee cast before their show-mance began.

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