Friday, September 24, 2010

Ghost Child - Caroline Overington

                                                              Ghost Child

Review : Ghost Child - Caroline Overington-2009

I read the most amazing book called 'Ghost Child" by Caroline Overington . It was about the incident of a 5yr old boy called Jacob who was killed , however the circumstances surrounding his death were hazy. The book starts off with the eldest Lauren talking about her new life and then seeing a newspaper article about the incident and flashing back to the day it happened. Each chapter is told by someone who was involved with the incident personally or as part of the aftermath from The Siblings : Lauren , Harley and their baby sister to the policeman who arrived on the scene to the medics , and the foster parents who took the children.  What really happened that fateful day in November 1982 , we find out 20 years later when the real truth is revealed and the gossip put to an end.

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