Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beyond the Dead Forest - Steve Groll

                                                         Beyond the Dead Forest
Wanting a story to get your heartbeats pumping and also learn how to live a little and survive ?

Review : Beyond the Forest - Steve Groll - 2010

Beyond the forest is a patch of land that we like to call "The Dead Forest" , I now wish we hadn't step forth and started playing around and investigating it.
Beyond the Forest is a book that is suited to the YA/Teen Audience and features the stories of characters and best friends Catherine aka Kat and Carter . Out one day on an adventure , the pair come across a forest that is dead , everything surrounding it is dead. They have tried to take pictures and they come back as empty images.
One day while exploring just like any other day . Kat and Carter end up in a storm - they rush to the nearest shelter in time to see a strange man/person screaming at them , another one pops up this time he says he is here to help them.
Kat and Carter soon discover that they are part of a prophecy and have somehow landed in a parallel universe - a different dimension and now with the help of the Guardian , Kat and Carter must travel across the Dead Forest armed with clues and little resources to help save what is Beyond the Dead Forest.
This of course does not turn out to be an easy adventure with a group known as the Adversaries on their backs , can Kat and Carter survive this alternate world or will they be stuck inside forever and will they find themselves heading home alive or dying in the Dead Forest.

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