Saturday, September 25, 2010


                                                                  Outsourced: A Greater-Than-Riches Mystery
Are you a mystery fan ? Love reading and devouring Murder Mysteries especially the types of books that don't gloss over the killings themselves, the more gruesome the better and fast-paced ?.

Review : Outsourced - J. I. Kendall - 2009 - Book #1 : Greater-than- Riches Mysteries

Outsourcing is such a popular tool in the business world nowadays , that if you haven't heard of it or know some business that is participating in it then you have obviously been living under a rock.
For the business TCGT ( Trans-Geo Technology Corporation) they didn't see any harm in outsourcing over 500+ staff , but underneath all the strong business-like exterior at TCGT , somebody was waiting for a moment to crack.
TCGT's decision to outsource has landed the company in with the police as somebody is slowly killing one by one members of the business who in some way were responsible for the outsource.
The novel starts with Ella Larraway , one of the few not been made redundant goes to identify a body of one of their former employees whom committed suicide after losing his job, he leaves a note blaming those who fired him.
The same day , Ella gets a phone call from the Big Boss to say her mentor Odette has been murdered . Slowly the days go by and the murders start piling up , interviews with staff and former staff occur and somebody is leaving little packages for Ella connected to the murder.
As the book progresses we see that Ella is next and soon it is relied on that you can't trust anyone , more so the people you thought were your closest friends.
Whose making sure TCGT's employees are outsourced to six feet under and will Ella survive by the end of the week as the killer is slowly nearing her , one body at a time.
Outsourced is one of those mystery thrillers that will keep you on your toes , wanting to find out more and has been written in such a way that it gives you a concise lead up to the redundancies and murders without boring the reader with too much detail as some authors can do.

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