Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reading Challenge :#2 : And Falling, Fly- Skyler White

and Falling, Fly

The 2nd Day of the reading challenge and I bring you Book #2 And Falling, Fly by Skyler White, A novel about Fallen Angels and Vampires.

Review : And Falling, Fly - Skyler White-2010

"My darling ones, Reborn and Undead, Damned , Cursed and Misbegotten- Hell calls her absent children home .
De profundis,
This is the opening quote to a novel about Fallen Angels and Vampires where we see them as one , and it all started with Eve in the Garden of Eden when she took that bite out of the apple and made her family be cast out by God.
All Olivia wants is to be loved , but their is a disadvantage being the fallen angel of desire. she is hopeless and damned with a capital D.
When Olivia is called back home , she meets Dr Dominic O'Shaughnessy a neuroscientist plagued with horrible visions.
When Dominic meets Olivia at the Hotel of the Damned , is it love or has he been put under the spell of desire as the two of them continue courting in a sense, has Olivia finally found the man who can break her from the curse or is he like the men that she has dated in the past and when he finds out who she really is , will he consider her crazy and run or will he stand by her side.
And Falling Fly, is like a Fallen Angel/Vampire version of When In Rome (DVD).
It is suitable to the R18 audience as contains some sex scenes and lesbianism.

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