Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Mistress by Design - Sabrina Darby

Wanting a story set in Regency England with a hint of lustfulness and nudeness ?

Review : Mistress by Design - Sabrina Darby

Whilst searching on the website The Season - Romance , I came across a free download of Mistress by Design which is a short story at 24 pages written by Sabrina Darby and set in the time of regency England , a period that I love and if I could choose to go back in time , It would be one of the periods I would most like to visit with all the courting around etc.
Mistress by Design tells the story of Sarah Leighton whose master if you would call him that , the one whom was her protector and she his mistress has passed away six months ago. Now a new chap and eligible one as well is in town and the rumour is he on the lookout for a new wife/mistress to help him take care of his children and him. Lord Harrison Orville has just returned to England after living in Venezuela as his late wife has also passed away. From first sighting , Sarah is in love or is it lust with Lord Harrison and will partake in a mission to win his affections no matter what.
In Mistress by Design we witness one women's act to earn the love of a man who quite frankly cannot stand her , but has she hit the right buttons as no matter how hard he tries he cannot get her out of his head as the Kylie Minogue song goes "Can't get you outta my head".

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