Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beautiful Child - Torey Hayden

                                                   Beautiful Child
Review : Beautiful Child - Torey Hayden -2003

Torey is a child Psychologist and has written a number of books that are in our library . Beautiful child is about Torey taking a teaching position in a school for 6 children with challenging behaviours from Billy - The Aspergers Child , Jesse - Tourettes Syndrome , Shane and Zane - The Twins with Autism and little Venus whom comes from a dysfunctional and abusive family . In this story the main focus is on Venus and how one teacher-Torey can change a little girls life . When we first met Venus , she does not speak at all and by the end of the book she is speaking in full sentences. All the stories in the book are based on true case studies and accounts. Read as the superhero She-Ra gets a little girl out of her shell . An amazing written book that I recommend to anyone interested in Child Psychology.

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