Monday, September 27, 2010

The German - Paul Mercer

Attention , Heil Hitler .... Just a few phrases that will arise in this war based novel set around World War II and Hitler's regime.

Review : The German - Paul Mercer

The German is a novel set in the time prior , during and after World War II. The German follows the story of Freddie Kessler and how his life turned out due to tragedy and horrible incident that happened when he was sixteen years old. This novel is R18 as it does deal with a chapter or two on a sexual molestation attack between a gang of older males and a young boy and in some parts can go into a minor bit of detail e.g licking his face etc.
The story then fast forwards to the start of Hitler's regime and World War II in August 1938. Freddie Kessler is twenty years old , has just finished college and has never had a girlfriend due to his experience as a teenager it has made him put a guard around himself as I could only imagine how gruesome an attack and the deadly consequences after reading many books etc that it would leave imprints on the victims and whereas as we are about to read , the initiators -the deviants don't always remember but the victims do as clear as day.
The story then moves into the action of the war where Freddie is now a pilot for the war flying all their fighter jets and he comes face to face with Hannibal Schneider one of his attackees. What follows will be a wretched journey as the war intervenes with plane crashes, family troubles. When Freddie meets a women that is of his dreams , he will soon realise that he is able to finally move on and soon he too begins to have a family of his own but of course things for Freddie don't go smoothly as he has to fight for his son Little Freddie who due to Freddie's mothers illness has been placed in the orphanage.
A novel that has included events that were real and has incorporated his writing style as a true historical fiction piece.

Review Copy PDF obtained from ABookToRead.com

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