Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fungus of the Heart- Jeremy C. Shipp

Wanting a collection of short stories to scare you stiff and one with an amazing cover ?

Review: Fungus of the Heart - Jeremy C. Shipp

Fungus of the Heart , it doesn't seem very appealing does it , when I think about the title to me it translates as something dark festering away at the heart and rotting the heart to oblivion.
However, in saying that when I look at the cover it gives me a different feeling one that makes me think of a mixture between Love, Rose Cottage Window and the TV Series "The Gates".
Jeremy brings to us a wonderful collection of short stories that in places will make your heart bleed and squirm or be like "WOW". His writing style has seen him as a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award.
In Fungus of the Heart - he talks about the aspect of love and romance and then of course it wouldn't be a collection of scary stories if he didn't put the spin off discussing how love and a person's desires, infatuations, lust can infect our every action and interactions with others, that it starts to fester and grow like hence the title a piece of Fungus.
Fungus of the Heart will in places have you laughing , crying and even squirming as we move from one story to another.
Fungus of the Heart explores the concepts of what a world would be like with no rules and boundaries , what would happen between the people , the conflict and social interaction with all the rules flying out the window. Our world would be a mess of social chaos.

Question For Readers :

If you could create a cover for the book , what would be your interpretation and why ?

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  1. Happy HOP! I'm loving the BDB series. Rhage got my blood boiling and so it's full steam ahead. Hop you enjoy the Dark series :)

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