Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vamps - Nancy A. Collins

Review: Vamps- Nancy A. Collins - Book #1: Vamps Series

With all the popularity of Twilight , Vampire novels are a thing of the present. Vamps is set in a high school called Bathory Academy, set in the heart of New York. When the sun goes down, night school never looked so good , it's the place where all of the finest old blood vampires offspring attend. Lilith Todd is the queen vampire of the school ; Cally Monture has been uprooted from all she knows to attend Bathory. The two clash instantly when both confronted by the infamous Vampire hunting family "The Van Helsings". Whereas Lilith knows exactly who she is and what she can do , Cally is the complete opposite. Read on as we discover why Lilith and Cally are like Chalk and Cheese.

Book One : Vamps -
Book Two : Nightlife -
Book Three: After Dark

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