Friday, September 24, 2010

A Fiction Book That Combines Law , Truth, Deceit and Religion

                                                              Rolling Thunder (The Truth Chasers Series #1)

Review : Rolling Thunder - Mark Mynheir-2005

The first book in a series called The Truth Chasers. Set in Florida , America . Rolling Thunders sees the release of prisoner Frank Moore who has one thing to do before he dies - Seek Redemption. Then it skips to Melbourne, Florida where lives John who is a Detective and Franks Son working on a case of a lifetime " The boy who disappeared from the face of the earth Six years ago". With his father coming back and the pressure of finding out what really happened to the little boy . John's sleeping and life starts re-living his childhood. Can John be told that he is not his father or do genes make us exactly like our parents , with a strong religious undertone . Rolling Thunder is a novel that brings together Law , Truth , Deceit and God.

Book Two: From the Belly of the Dragon.

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