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The Fallujah Scrolls : Eloi,Eloi ...........

                                                            The Fallujah Scrolls: Eloi, Eloi

Are you into books that have a hint of Christianity woven between them but also focusing on modern day life ?

Review : The Fallujah Scrolls Eloi, Eloi - Robert Godfrey - 2010

What if one day you woke up after an accident and started talking in a strange language and started having these memories and flashbacks of past times ?.
When Victor Collins is hurt in a work accident , he wakes up months later from a coma and speaking in a strange language -Old Aramic . A language that hasn't been spoken since Jesus's time , he also starts to speak of a man called Simon Magnus - one of the three wise men of Magi.
All around him Religious power centers, especially the Catholic Church, take notice of the content of what he is saying, and the push is on to pre-empt the recovery of tangible proof. Victor's "accident" or divine intervention, also led him to the realization of his past incarnation as the scribe Nazzir who had been assigned by the Magi Simon Magus, to record the daily life of the Rabbi Yeshua, or as he is known to Christianity, Jesus.
As Victor begins to remember his past lives, he becomes aware of abilities he had gained while in the presence of Yeshua, and uses them to bring his mission to fruition along with his three newly-found friends.
As counterpoint to religious intolerance, a sub plot evolves with a deeply depressed navy pilot who plots to end religious division with a tactical nuclear strike on Jerusalem.
Victor, Moses Truman  and Felix Mardune (the professor of ancient languages) end up in Saddam Hussien's Abu Grahiab prison for desecrating a tomb and attempting to steal antiquities. Saddam knows what he has in the scrolls, and tries to blackmail the fundamentalist president and the Roman Catholic church.
This novel is written in such a way that if you did not know that you were reading a fictional story, that it could be a biography of somebody. The author has beautifully crafted the novel with actual christianity events that make you the reader wonder.

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