Monday, September 20, 2010

River Passage - P.M. Terrell

                                                           River Passage  Do you normally read books that belong in the non-fiction section of your library ? Wanting a quick read that's not to heavy and has a bit of fun chucked into it to make it more interesting?.

Review : River Passage - P.M Terrell- 2009

I normally am not one to venture into non-fiction as it tends to bore me a bit but when I got an email from P.M Terrell , I was like why not ? . Her book River Passage is written in fiction format but the tales inside are loosely and inspired by a true story/event that took part many moons ago , in about the 1700-1800's , so even a few centuries ago.
The story takes place in the state of Tennessee and tells the story of a family called the Neeleys especially focusing on the daughter Mary and her dad William. Mary and her father were travelling on what was supposed to be a month long trek along the river journey but when they were stopped by Fort Nashborough one night they were attacked by a group of American Indians ( you know the ones that we hear tales of American Indians and Sheriffs). What was left after the attack was a grisly site and my eyes teared for Mary as she was all of a sudden alone in the world and she had just witnessed her father's death before her eyes. Mary scared for her life as she didn't know if she was next was captured by the Indians and renamed Songbird. The then journey takes off again this time lasting four months , River Passage one thing I thoroughly enjoyed was that accompanying the story were photo pages , so unless the reader actually knew what they were reading was a fictional tale in sorts they would not realise as River Passage has been completed with a high standard to make the book soundly historically accurate.
River Passage is the story of Mary's abduction and the story of a women who besides all the obstacles in her way was a courageous and proved to be a strong women role model who know matter what never gave up and eventually reached her final destination.

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