Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spirit Hunter - Katy Moran

                                                              Spirit Hunter
Book Description : Spirit Hunter - Katy Moran - 2010

On the dangerous Silk Road - the age-old trade route that runs all the way from Europe to China - a young woman, Asena, is captured by a Shaolin devotee, Swiftarrow. Asena is taken to the ancient city of Chang'an, where she is forced to begin her life anew and learn the ways of the Shaolin. But just as love blossoms between Asena and her captor, a deadly political game threatens to ruin not only their feelings for each other, but also their lives.
Out on the Steppe, a young Horse Tribe shaman dreams of a terrible and great battle resulting in the slaughter of her people. She knows that War is coming and that it is up to her to stop the Bloodshed , But how ?

The third Book in the Bloodline Series

1. Bloodline (2008)

2. Bloodline Rising (2009)

3. Spirit Hunter (2010)

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