Saturday, September 11, 2010

Christian Fiction : Screen Play by Chris Coppernoll

                                                                    Screen Play: A Novel

Have you ever wondered what type of pressures an actress in LA can have ? , What it is to be a christian in a world of actors ?. William Shakespeare's quote "The world's a stage and all the people are merely actors" rings true as we all try so hard to be somebody we aren't to try and impress.

In today's review , I bring you a story of acting and theatre work with a hint of Christianity thrown into the mix with Christian Fiction author Chris Coppernoll's latest book "Screen Play".

Review: Screen Play -A Novel - Chris Coppernoll - 2010

"Sometimes the person farthest away from you is the one closest to your heart".

Harper Gray has had a year of constant struggles from her boyfriend leaving her to having no work and finding herself constantly broke and eventually only having enough items to carry in two plastic sacks. As an actress , as we know many live on paycheck to paycheck and the world of acting in a lot of ways is like writing. There is a high chance that you may not make it and when you do , there are only a handful.  After a year of getting to know God and trying to reach out to him and hear her prayers, it may have paid off.
Harper receives a phone call from two old friends Ben ( now a theatre director) and Avril ( now a leading actress) , asking her if she would consider being an understudy in a play that Ben is directing called Apartment 19. The term of the play is 42 weeks and the amount of cash is enough to stay afloat.
As she arrives in New York City, Harper realises that this may very well be the start of a new cycle in her life. After hearing her friend Avril rave on about Internet Dating site LoveSetMatch.Com , Harper signs up and we soon see Harper chucked into a world of Internet Dating via IM's , Textes and soon Phone calls.
As things start to fall into place, Harper realises that something is still missing from her life and joins a small church as she longs for God to show her a sign that he is still listening to her prayers above.
This story told through the woes and tales of Internet dating and the theatre world , we read as Harper Gray finally learns the truth of who she is as a person and that their are some things in life that are even more important than her acting career , like the meaning of true love. As she starts to explore deeper within herself , she soon realises that at the same time God is forever continually reaching out for her with arms open wide.
An awesome Christian Fiction that threads together inspiration , friendship , love and faith.

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