Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LOL with God : Messages of Hope For Women

                                                              LOL with God: Devotional Messages of Hope & Humor for Women

Are you searching for a new devotional guide with messages of hope, love and friendship ? Wanting one that is up-to-date with fresh new ideas ?

Review : LOL With God - Devotional messages of Hope and Humor for Women- 2010

Are you feeling like you are straying away from god and have the need to get back into daily devotionals with him ? However all the devotional guides you have looked at are boring with a capital B and don''t get your heart-pumping for God. Want something that is fresh, new and different ?. Look no further as Pam Farell and Dawn Wilson have put together an everyday devotional guide for Women. As we all know with technology especially in the form of cellphones are on the rise , the majority of us are all familiar with texting.
Pam and Dawn have used the knowledge of text messaging to provide a new and funky way of communicating with God through devotional messages of hope. The devotions are not numbered with dates which means you can pick it up when you want and start whenever , the pressure of an everyday devotion is not there as for me if I see the dates I feel compelled to do a devotion whether I want to or not.
Every devotional has a title for example on Pg 60 "Tenacious Temptation" , each devotion has a text message : "w t temptashn he wl lso prvd t wy o escp.* which I had fun working them out each day -this one reads "with the temptation he will also provide the way to escape". Each devotion comes with a short story , then what is called "send up a message" aka a short prayer , "text helps" which is a collection of biblical scriptures and finally "your turn" in which you do an activity for example "write or send a text message back to God about your life, what you read , or a request from your heart".
Growing up in a Christian household , Ive seen and worked my way through a fair share of devotional guides and LOL with God would have to be one of the best Ive seen in ages by far.

Review Copy , Courtesy of Tyndale Media Group.

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  1. Thank you, Paula, for such a positive review! LOL with God was written for women of all ages, especially for the hurried mom who needs to relax with the Lord in the midst of her busy day. But women are buying it for older moms, aunts -- and I just heard of one being bought for "Grandma"! I'm glad you like the book, too.

    Our prayer is that the devotional will capture women's hearts and encourage them into deeper Bible studies, enjoying more and more time with our wonderful God.

    Blessings 2 U 2day!


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