Friday, September 3, 2010

Are you Lucky ?

                                                                         Get Lucky: A Novel

In life have you been handed the lucky stick or is you're life filled with bad karma and unlucky decisions ? If you are searching for a fun and entertaining way about How you change your luck , then read today's review as Sarah Harper's luck is about to change but is it for the better or worse in the 2010 Release of "Get Lucky".

Review : Get Lucky - Katherine Center - 2010

For Sarah Harper , her life seemed to be one stupid mistake after another- a string of silly decisions. Normally others would be feeling depressed by now but not Sarah. Her philosophy is that stupid decisions are actually good choices in disguise. After just winning her ad campaign for a new Bra , Sarah receives a funny email of "real women's breasts-lots of them ,different shapes and sizes". On an impulse she decides to forward this email to everyone in the company and the next day she is handed the words of Donald Trump "You're Fired". Heading back home for Thanksgiving , Sarah finds that her sister has given up all hope in having children and as Sarah's got nothing better to do , she embarks on a journey of surrogacy for her sister Mackie. When things start looking up for Sarah , her world starts crashing around and she wonders if she has been diagnosed with horrible Karma as the ghosts of her pasts start appearing one by one starting with an ex-boyfriend Emmett , her father whom she lost contact with and his new wife Dixie and the memories of her mother whom died when she was young. Will Sarah's luck change as her life takes a different path or will she remain unlucky? An entertaining and enjoyable story that in places will make you feel sorry for Sarah with her run of bad luck but in other places you will feel impressed with her generosity.

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