Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Eyes of Innocence.........

                                                                   The Eyes of Innocence

What if you woke up one day and discovered you had abilities ? What if you had no control over them and in some way they forced you to move over and over again?.

Review : The Eyes of Innocence - 2009 - Book #1 in the "Innocence Series".

Kalina aka Lina is packing up and moving once again. From the beginning of the story we get the hint that moving from house to house , town to town is not a rare occurrence but more like a regular event . For anyone who has ever moved house we all know that this is such a big ordeal from starting a new school, making new friends and meeting new people and also sleeping in a new strange room and house. I know this as a fact since I am now 23 and am living in my 18th house.
For Kalina it's even worse as she lives with her aunt and uncle after becoming orphaned as a child , she has a secret - she has psychic abilities as well as the power of healing, which are displayed throughout the story from willful mind-pushing and healing the sick dog.
The series opens when Kalina is nearly sixteen, and a white horse haunts her dreams. On her birthday, the horse appears. The mare is real, and she is hers. One day whilst riding the mare ,she has an accident and lands herself in a coma in hospital. When then witness how her psychic abilities work when a patient from a fire is brought into the hospital.
We then follow Kalina's adventures in The Eyes of Innocence especially when she is called to help a baby boy whom had something to do with the local fire. People especially one girl in particular Tarrah grow suspicious of her extraordinary powers, and try to prove their theories, but haven't been able to uncover the truth....yet , but is it only a matter of time before she is discovered and Kalina and her family have to move again and start anew?


  1. Is each book in the series a stand alone or part of an ongoing story?

  2. @Tara Maya - It can be read as a Stand-Alone , most series can but I'd probably advise to read this one first as it gives you the insight to the story.


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