Monday, September 6, 2010

Hazard River - "Snake Suprise"

Has your child read his way through Zac Power and Agent Jack Stalwart books ? Looking for another author to read but not yet at the level of Teen writers Anthony Horowitz , Jack Higgins, Robert Muchamore and Chris Ryan "just to name a few".?
Parent's and readers do not despair as I present a new adventure series for your child "Hazard River" by Brisbane author J.E Fison.

Review : Snake Surprise - Book #1: Hazard River - J.E. Fison - 2010

Rain, Rain go away, Come again another day as the nursery rhyme goes it rings true in Snake Surprise . It's a wet day and the kids are stuck inside with nothing to do except play a game of inflated monopoly. When they look out their window , they see an old houseboat with no driver about to crash into Mimi's yacht and home Zingarra . What happens then is that they decide that the old houseboat is in fact a ghost ship , which they board and from then on the story starts to pick up and get very exciting. Aboard the ship, they find a mystery note with two words "HELP ME". The quartet then go on a mission to find the owner of the ship and what they are about to find is themselves in a lot more danger than they bargained for. The quartet contains Jack Wilde , their fearsome leader , Mimi - the brains of the operations , Lachlan -the class clown and trouble maker of the group and the adorable little brother of Jack- Ben whose the youngest of the group at 6 years old.
I loved the character of Ben, he was so cute and adorable and had such a fun imagination and a knack for telling creative stories throughout the missions.

Stay Tuned for more adventures of Jack Wilde has he faces a bunch of Sharks in Shark Frenzy.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! To answer your question my name Elena Salvatore is from the Vampire Diaries. I am a fan.

  2. @Elena - I thought so as Soon as I saw it , Im also a huge fan of Vampire Diaries - Are you Team Stefan or Team Damon. Im kinda of in between as Stefan is so nice but as I watched the whole 3 tele movies where the guy who played Stefan was a fallen angel it kind of ruined his Vampire image, but isn't Damon hot with his intense blue eyes and charm :)


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