Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Werewolf Romance Novel...............

                                                                    Wolf's Cross
Are you a fan of the Werewolf novels and yearn for a hint of romance and adventure ? Stay Tuned for today's review set in a Medieval World.

Review : Wolf's Cross - S.A Swann - 2010

Set in the time of Knights in Shining armour lives a religious group called "The Order". They are sent to protect the lands from the terrible creatures called "lupines" aka Werewolves.  When The Order fall wounded after an attack they end up in a small Polish Village where one of the soldiers Josef whom the story plays a big part around meets a servant - a polish girl named Maria. Maria has a dark secret though that even she is not aware of. She has grown up with the knowledge of keeping a silver crucifix around her neck to protect her from the devil, little does she realise it is in fact doing the opposite and protecting others from the Devil. When Maria meets a handsome hunk named Darien who turns out to be a Wolfbreed , she starts to slowly learn the truth of who she is - a wolf and realises that the silver was put there to keep her from never changing into a wolf.
We read as Maria's life starts changing as she starts to accept and realise who she really is, read as she is torn between her love for Josef- the Knight and Darien -the wolf. Will Maria find true love or will she find herself broken into two pieces loyalties and her heart.
A fun tale of Romance, Adventure, Mystery and Thrills all set within the setting of Poland in the 14th Century.
Wolf's Cross is the Sequel to Wolfbreed.

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