Monday, August 10, 2015

Review : 77 Steps - Alisa Mullen

77 Steps

Review: 77 Steps - Alisa Mullen - July 2015

Often it is our family who hold us back the most and who from the outside it can seem like that at times they want the best for us , but more so it is to protect their secrets from the world. Growing up Kelinda lived quite a sheltered life as her mother didn't let her spend alot of times out of the house except for during school time , so she never went to parties or hung out in the mall or spent time with guys. That was until one of her classmates invited her to watch her during her snowboard competition and so began Kelinda's first social trip into the world and she loved it , during the competition - one of the competitors and apparently the hottest guy there Rory takes a shine to Kelinda and during that weekend the pair spend a lot of time together. Then the weekend is over and reality sets in with the truth that Kelinda believes that what she had with Rory was just a fluke and a weekend fling as someone like that could never be interested in a girl like her. The truth though is that he loves her and so with much persuasion , the pair start secretly dating and then comes time to figure out a future plan with colleges and life. They start planning until one day, Kelinda recieves a letter from Rory breaking up with her and she leaves town never looking back. That is until her mother dies and she is forced to come back seeing as she is her mother's only living relative and we discover that Rory got a letter too. While cleaning out her mother's house, Kelinda comes across a box of letters that Rory had written to Kelinda and then the truth starts to unfold that he loved her all along and that everything including her birth was a lie - who is Kelinda really and will she be able to move on with her new knowledge and claim the love of her life or has he moved on without her ?
Find out in 77 Steps by Alisa Mullen, a story of standing up for yourself and making your way to what you want and deserve in life and that sometimes in order to grow, you must take a step back from your family and discover life on your own.


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