Friday, August 7, 2015

VBT# Written on my Heart - Cole Gibsen

Written on my Heart

Review: Written on my Heart - Cole Gibsen - July 2015

Ashlyn Daniels knows what it's like to be raised in a home where family aren't always the ones who love you as her stepfather abused her and her mother stood by and let it happen. After the latest incident , she leaves home and heads off to somewhere where they can't find her and she can finally be safe. Ashlyn gets a job at a local Coffee shop where she meets Emily who befriends her and after talking one night, Emily takes her to her brother's tattoo shop where Ashlyn meets Lane. These two get off on the wrong foot as they can both be as stubborn and closed as each other, but over the time they start to feel something for each other . That is until Ashlyn sees Lane's tattoo of "Harper" and assumes that Harper is his girlfriend. This makes it semi-awkward between the pair but situations arise and change which always brings Lane and Ashlyn back together. What will happen though when Lane reveals the truth of who Harper is ? As Ashlyn isn't one for kids due to her upbringing - will this cause her to run and leave them behind just like Harper's real mum did ? Can Lane open himself up whole to Ashlyn and let her know she is safe and he cares or will it be too late when one night Ashlyn's evil stepfather finds her ?
Find out in Written on my Heart - a Edgy and emotional New Adult Story and a book that I have a cover crush on.

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