Saturday, August 1, 2015

Review: The Pledge - Laura Ward and Christine Manzari

The Pledge

Review: The Pledge - Book #1 College Bound Series - Laura Ward and Christine Manzari - July 2015

Starting College can always be a scary experience, but it is also a great time to reinvent yourself. Be a different person than you were in high school as often the best thing about starting college is that no-one from your old life will be there or at least remembers you. In High School Taren was the social outcast and geek girl , she was the bottom of the high school food chain. In her last year, she got paired up with Alec who was a jock and one of the popular guys. They got close on the project and she thought he liked her and so she asked him to Homecoming in front of his friends and he turned her down. This ruined her senior year and made her life a living hell as taunts followed. What will happen when it is discovered that they are both enrolled at the same college and according to Taren's friends , she is quite the hottie ? As the story goes on, we read various interactions between Taren and Alec as they overcome obstacles such as relationships, lies, secrets, family, drama to eventually find their place in each other's world. If you are a fan of New Adult College Fiction and the world of Sororities and Frats ( I mean Fraternites) as their is a quote about them being called Frats in the book. Then The Pledge is the read for you.

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