Saturday, August 29, 2015

Review: The Good Girls - Sara Shepard

The Good Girls (The Perfectionists, #2) 

Review: The Good Girls - Book #2 The Perfectionists Series - Sara Shepard - June 2015

After finishing all of the Pretty Little Liars books and The Lying Game series, I decided to move on to Sara Shepard's latest series "The Perfectionists" . I was hoping that it would have a few more books but with the way that The Good Girls finished - I can tell you that this is a 2-book series as the author couldn't really develop the series any further. At the end of book #1 our five girls Ava, Caitlin, Mackenzie, Parker and Julie have been arrested with suspicion of killing not only Nolan Hotchkiss but also their film studies teacher Mr Granger. The thing though is that the girls are innocent of both crimes, who is trying to set them up ? As the book goes along, we start to discover more people dying and disappearing and in exactly the same manner as the five of them discussed in their film studies class that one afternoon of who they would like to see die and why and how they would be killed. First Nolan, then Mr Granger, then Ashley and now Leslie which leaves only Claire left on the intended target list. Can the girls warn Claire before it's too late ? Who is making the girls look guilty and who wants them to suffer ? Before , I leave but not to ruin the ending - I leave with the parting words that the ending of The Good Girls was an amazing twist that I definitely did not see coming and when I read it I was like OMFG. It was one of the best endings I have read in a long time for a series. 
 The Perfectionists series is the perfect read for fans of Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game and mystery novels where getting revenge can be deadly.


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