Tuesday, August 25, 2015

VBT# Secrets Don't Keep - Elora Ramirez

Secrets Don't Keep (The Grove, #1)

Review: Secrets Don't Keep - Elora Ramirez - August 2015

Are you a fan of secret societies within schools ? Especially ones that are set within the walls of elite boarding schools ? At Kera's school , the society to be in is the La Boheme , one nod from them - a golden envelope shows up under your door and an invitation is what everyone who attends The Grove dreams of . Being part of the La Boheme will set you up for life as it will guarantee you VIP Statuses , entrace to any of your Ivy League college choices and the career of your choice. So when Kera recieves an invitation and is paired up with none other than the new hottest guy on campus - she is thrilled but what will happen when she discovers that the La Boheme is dangerous and that not all that is seen is true as her friends Season and Sebastian are caught in something deep - they have come close to exposing hidden secrets and now Sebastian is missing and Season could be next.  Kera doesn't know what to believe as how can one secret society really be capable of doing what Season suggests ? Does evil really lurk in the darkness of The Grove and who can you trust when you don't know who is truly involved ?
Secrets Don't Keep is one of those books that will have you going round in circles and when you think you know or have discovered a lead or an answer - it will surprise you with another plot twist and turn. 
This is the perfect read for all those who love conspiracies, hidden secret societies within the elite and boarding school novels.


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