Monday, August 24, 2015

Review: Alert - James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Alert: (Michael Bennett 8)

Review: Alert - Book #8 Michael Bennett Series - James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge - July 2015

It's funny how sometimes an author's work can escape you and slip right pass, withoout you knowing until it arrives in your eyeline that a new book has been released. As I love James Patterson's works, I am normally kept up to date but for some reason Alert, skipped my attention until I saw it at the library. I picked it up and started reading it as next to Alex Cross, Michael Bennett is one of my favourite of his characters. The book started off with Michael Bennett in Ireland with Mary Catherine who was his children's nanny and now his love interest as her family has passed and left her their hotel in Ireland and she is overseeing the sale. Meanwhile Michael returns back home to chaos as his father is missing and it seems that he maybe losing his mind and without a Nanny , his kids are a riot. If that wasn't bad enough someone is terrorising New York City in a number of planned and precise attacks. Is this another September 11th in the planning or will it be worst as this time , the culprits are skilled and have technology and smarts on their side ? As this was a James Patterson novel, I did enjoy it and like his other books , it was a fast-paced read, the only downside for me was I didn't get a feel as to why the criminals were doing this to the city and though discussed in the book near the end it still felt that the events were motive-less which was a bit of a downfall as it was like the momentum built up and then wham - low impact.
In saying that though , if you love a fast-paced mystery with a lot of carnage and deaths and a thrill cat and mouse chase - then you will enjoy "Alert" by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge and who knows with the finale of this book - maybe Wedding bells might be around the corner for Michael and Mary Catherine.

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