Monday, August 24, 2015

Review: 99 Days - Katie Cotungo

99 Days

Review: 99 Days - Katie Cotungo - April 2015

Growing up in a smalltown, you are bound to develop close friendships and for Molly it was with the Donnelly family - her best friend was Julia Donnelly and her two brothers Gabe and Patrick. The foursome were inseparable, and as time went on and they got older - Molly started dating Patrick and things were great , they could even envision a future together - that was until during Patrick and Molly's break apart from each other, Molly somehow ended up sleeping with Gabe. The worst was yet to come though as Molly's mum was a famous chick lit / new adult author and found that her daughter's story and love triangle helped her out of her writer's block and she wrote a story about it, which became a best-seller which of course led to tabloid stories/ interviews - the whole works about the love triangle. Heartbroken and needing to get away as Molly become a target of bullying and she lost all her friends including the Donnellys. Now she's back for the summer before heading off to college as Molly has been away hiding at boarding school. She has 99 Days of Summer Vacation to live through in the smalltown of Star Lake , and it isn't going to be easy as Julia still hasn't forgiven her and Julia and her friends are determined to make Molly's life a living  hell while she is still here. The only friend Molly makes in Star Lake happens to be the now girlfriend of Patrick and to make matters more complicated - Gabe is back in town also and has no beef with Molly - in fact he wants to pick up where they left off.  Can Molly survive the next 99 Days or will she be spending it locked away , avoiding the rest of the world ?
Find out in 99 Days by Katie Cotungo and how Molly Barlow spent her Summer Vacation.


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