Monday, August 24, 2015

Review: Getting it Right the Second Time - Jennifer Frank

Getting It Right The Second Time Around 

Review: Getting it Right the Second Time Around - Jennifer Frank - April 2015

If you had the chance to re-do your life would you take it ? Is there a specific point that you wish you could go back and change your decision ? Have you ever wondered what your life could have been like, if you had taken that step or made a different choice ? Alison was on the way up in the world when she was at college in law school when she fell in love with Nate. She imagined the perfect life with him, that was until she left Law school to follow his dreams and eventually the pair of them broke up and Alison dropped out of law school and started working menial jobs and volunteering at a women's shelter.  Now six years later, Alison's Aunt Elinor - whom she always respected has passed away. Aunt Elinor was known for her eccentries and now her whole family has been called to New York to gather around and listen to her will reading. At the train station in New York, Alison bumps into Ryan - a random guy and the pair connect and of course go their separate ways. At the will reading, it turns out that Aunt Elinor was more wealthy than either of them realised and of course due to her eccentries , she has left them each $2 million dollars but in order to gain their inheritance - they must do as she has stated for them in her will. For Alison, she must head back to Law School where Aunt Elinor has set up a fund for her tuition etc all to be paid for and for every year she completes - $100,000 will be donated to the Women's shelter on the provision that she quits and focuses on Law School. Can Alison drop the life she has created for herself and attend Law School just to once again please and follow the rules of somebody else ? Or in the process will Alison discover and learn the real "truth and lessons" that Aunt Elinor had hoped she would as Aunt Elinor had a second letter in place for Alison depending which path she chose ?
Find out in "Getting it Right the Second Time Around" by Jennifer Frank.  A Novel where we are shown that in life, to be truly happy we must grab the bull by the horns and own our decisions and they must be what we want, not what anyone else wants for us.  It shows us that sometimes some of the sacrifices we make are in fact for the wrong reasons and that we are being selfish towards our own happiness in order to conform to someone else's opinions of how we are supposed to be.


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