Friday, August 7, 2015

VBT# Pistol Fanny's Hank and Delilah - Annie Rose Welch

You know how often people say never to judge a book or read a book by it's cover, well more often than not it's human nature to do so and Pistol Fanny's Hank and Delilah was one of those books that I read because I was drawn to the cover. I love this cover so much and have a cover crush on it. If you love those old Western movies with the whole Bonnie and Clyde theme going on or two of my all-time favourite movies "Best Men" and "The Newton Boys" where their are a band of brothers or best friends who become outlaws together by robbing banks, then this is the book for you. It starts with a young Hank telling the readers that apparently girls love the "green" aka the cold hard cash and that the only way he can get the cash is if he robs a bank. That night though, Hank and his best friends witness a murder take place with a shady judge. The novel then flicks to years later , after they have finished college and Hank's friend is getting married and they are all living the high life and most of them have moved from their little town. During this time we meet the Pistolettes , who are a duo female bank robbers and Hank ends up falling in love with one of them Delilah. Over time , Hank gets his dream and becomes along with Delilah - a Bonnie and Clyde type duo and become one of history's most famous criminals. 
This was a fun read and if you love real crime stories but want a great fictional read instead , then check out Annie Rose Welch's "Pistol Fanny's Hank and Delilah" as you will not be disappointed.


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