Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review: Fearless - Shae Ross

Fearless (Entangled Embrace)

Review: Fearless - Book #2 Pretty Smart Girls Series - Shae Ross - August 2015

In Book #1 we meet six young adults who were all competing in an "Apprentice" type competition - girls vs boys and both teams were ready to do whatever they could to win the final prize. What neither team counted on though was falling in love with each other , we had Ryan and Jett - whose story was in Book #1 , Vaughn and Jade whom I am guessing Book #3 will be about and in Book #2 Fearless it tells the story of Ben and Devi. Can opposites and different class levels really attract and work as a relationship ? Ben comes from a wealthy family whereas Devi has had to work in order to help her family survive and with a single mother and druggie brother , her life has been difficult. Whereas though Ben's father left them, he and his three sisters have been raised with wealth and Ben's mother does charity work for a living. Ben and Devi both move to New York , with Ben living with Jett and Devi with Ryan. It is in New York that Devi discovers cage fighting and learns that this is the way to go if she ever needs fast cash. While Ben is busy working for Trott Enterprises, Devi has found herself a job working for a children's home which was a favourite part of the book for me as this has been one of my passions and as Devi felt heartbroken in places, my heart dropped for her as I could understand what she was feeling - the same with the family situation, I could really relate to Devi's life.  Can Ben and Devi ever be more than friends especially when they decide to give it a go only to discover that one of Ben's former one night stands is pregnant ? Find out and read to see if Ben and Devi will ever get their HEA or will they come to realise that sometimes you have to do the hardest thing and let them go as despite how much you care for them, you know in your heart that it will only lead to hurt if you keep pushing things .
Be "Fearless" with Ben and Devi and open up Shae Ross's new book today.

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