Sunday, August 9, 2015

VBT# Warm Springs Trilogy - "Running Home"

Running Home (Warm Springs Trilogy Book 2)

Review: Running Home - Book #2 Warm Springs Trilogy - Christina Kirby - June 2015

Running Home which is Book #2 in the Warm Springs Trilogy focuses on the story of Jenny. She was the real estate agent and friend of Samantha's who was kidnapped near the end of Book #1.  This book picks up several months later , after surviving the ordeal of kidnapping, Jenny is finally moving on with her life and has a great job as the local real estate agent, she is up for the award of Top agent and she has an amazing boyfriend - one who is safe and reliable. That is until she is offered a job at work to show a wealthy new client around a few houses , that wealthy client turns out to be Adam Hamilton - a professional baseball player and her first love , he is the guy who broke her heart when he just up and left to play for the big leagues.After suffering an injury, he has decided to retire from playing and what better place to come back and settle down than their hometown. He also has his eyes set on a second chance with Jenny but of course she is taken. Can he persuade Jenny to dump her boyfriend and give him a second chance ? Can he get Jenny to forgive him for his past mistakes and win her back ? In Running Home , time is of the essence for Adam as if he doesn't hurry up and make his move - she may very well  be engaged and married to her current boyfriend ?
Who will Jenny pick ? Will she choose her new boyfriend -Mr Stable and Reliable or will she choose Adam - the guy who has always had her heart and her first and only true love ?
Find out in Book #2 of the Warm Springs Trilogy "Running Home".


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