Thursday, August 6, 2015

VBT# Endless Fate - Alicia Rae

Endless Fate (Fate for Love, #3)

Review: Endless Fate - Book #3 Fate For Love Series - Alicia Rae - July 2015

Colton and Paige have been through hell and back with all sorts of danger coming their way and the latest was when Paige was kidnapped by Hank Ulrich and turned out that Eddie who was a cop was on the bad side of the law and dirty. In danger and with no way out of this situation alive, Paige in self-defence ended up shooting Hank. For the rest of the community though this was seen as murder and a shock as he was supposedly a pillar of the community, a family man with children. Now Paige is trying to re-find her place in this world, but is not finding it an easy journey as she is still plagued with the nightmares from that fateful night. The only thing keeping her alive and wanting more is Colton and he almost lost her once and isn't about to let her go again. This won't be an easy task though as Hank's widow is out for blood and revenge and will do everything in her power and a bit more to drive them out of town for good or at least make Paige suffer the way she did by getting rid of Colton. This was a fast-paced novel and the ending left me breathless and hoping got a happy ending and to show us readers that with love and determination and passion, you can overcome anything . I however will leave it there as I don't want to give away the ending but readers if you love Contemporary romances with a bit of Cowboys and Grit - not the food Grit but Grit as in Grittiness - then Endless Fate by Alicia Rae is the read for you.


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