Saturday, August 29, 2015

Review: The Secret Son - Joan Kilby

The Secret Son 

Review: The Secret Son - Book #1 Secrets of Cherry Lake Series - Joan Kilby - August 2015

Alex Chernoff hasn't seen his dad properly since he walked out on Alex and his mum when Alex was five years old. Now Alex is by himself as his mum has passed away and his stepdad Hank died a few years back. Turning 30 recently, Alex had planned a trip to Mexico - a nice break away. That is until he gets a birthday card in the mail from his father, someone who hasn't had any contact with him in over 20 years and now just a single card.  On his way to the airport, something strikes in Alex's mind and he decides on a whim to drive to Cherry Lake and confront his father Robert. On his way into Cherry Lake, he gets into a bit of road rage with a female driver . This turns out to be Emma , who is a family friend of Alex's half-brother Will.  Alex decides to head to the family orchard and discovers his father is away, so Alex wanting to meet him signs up to be a cherry picker till he can confront his dad about why he left him all those years ago. When he does see his dad for the first time, it's not the happy reunion Alex expected - in fact his dad goes white like a sheet.  Over the course of the novel Alex and Emma's chemistry goes , as does Alex and Robert's relationship - though they have to keep it quiet as Robert's family have no idea that Alex exists and even worse is the fact that Will - Alex's half brother is only three months older than he is . What will happen when the secret is revealed ? Will Robert's "other" family accept Alex , especially when Alex has no-one else ? Will their be a HEA in the works for Alex and Emma ? 
Find out in The Secret Son by Joan Kilby, Book #1 in a new series the "Secrets of Cherry Lake".


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