Thursday, August 27, 2015

VBT# Discovering the It Factor within You: Developing Your Charismatic Personality - Leesa Rowland

Discovering the It Factor within You: Developing Your Charismatic Personality

Review: Discovering the IT Factor Withiu You - Leesa Rowland - March 2015

One of my favourite things that I like to read is the occassional self-help book, not the type that try to get you looking from negative to positives but the type that help you discover an even more amazing side of you that you had hidden away, or that you didn't even know had existed. Books like Leesa Rowland's Discovering the IT Factor helps readers like yourself take one step closer and examine yourself carefully and with that positive energy and enthusiasm that you already have for life with your addictive and bubbly personality and turn it into something more fantastic - a 'Charismatic" personality where others around you will find you their beacon point and they wont be able to help it but be happy and bask in your presence when they are near you. Each and everyon has a talent, whether you believe it to be a talent is up to you, but we all have one thing that we are amazing at and if you are lucky - you may have more than one. For me , my talents are Reading and Writing - they are my passions. One of my hobbies is self-discovery and reading about how we can better ourselves which is why Leesa Rowland's book "Discovering the IT Factor" appealed to me. Leesa Rowland's book, Discovering the IT Factor brings to light all the intricate details of how to access our  personal uniqueness - the stuff that makes us who we are and the individual we all strive to be as no-one wants to be called a lemming , charisma, and ultimately own it! Every reader here will learn how to harness their authentic power and with that, become fearless and excel in life. This book can make all the difference-it's not to be missed. Like most self-discovery books , Leesa's book is not only inspirational but also motivational and scattered throughout the pages are ancedotes and stories from her experiences.
So readers, what are you waiting for - today is the day where you can Discover the IT factor within you and unlock that charasmatic personality that you have been hiding away or didn't know existed until now. 

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