Friday, August 7, 2015

VBT# Carry Your Heart - K. Ryan

Growing up in a smalltown you tend to get to know everyone whether you like it or not. In Isabelle's hometown , she was the one who got good grades at school and was a cheerleader - also the one girl who Caleb wanted but she was out of his league as he settled for his girlfriend Ariel.  She was the one who managed to leave town and get into an Ivy league school - Duke and she was studying law until a tragedy struck and caused her to head home and put her life on hold. Her mother got sick and her dad turned into the town's judgemental drunk. Desperate for a job, Isabelle heads to the one place she never imagined she would be working - Sawyer's Auto Shop. This is one of the businesses run by Skyler Sawyer who is head of the local MC gang - The Iron Horsemen, Isabelle went to school with her son Caleb. Now Isabelle is busy working for Caleb's mum so that she doesn't get kicked out of home and lose herself. Caleb has always known that after his father died, he has been groomed for taking over the Iron Horsemen MC when his mum decides to move on or die - whichever comes first but he has always imagined this life with Ariel. What will happen though when Ariel decides that life in the smalltown isn't for her and she applies to College in California and gets in ? This causes Caleb to go into a frenzy of alcohol and women , what will happen though when Caleb and Isabelle start hanging out together and realising that their is more to each other than what's on the surface and their family names ? Are these two the ones needed to carry each others' hearts ? 
Find out in this Contemporary New Adult MC Biker Novel "Carry Your Heart" by K. Ryan


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